Unleash Future Boats

Unleash Future Boats is a Start-up providing solutions for the biggest problems in shipping: environmental pollution and low water. Shipping is responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions, diesel, residues and lubricants pollute the oceans, and conventional boats are also very noisy. Climate change is causing low water levels on many shipping routes, which leads to restrictions in shipping. Urbanization is increasing population and traffic, so new ways of transportation are urgently needed.

Lars and Stefanie Engelhard, the two minds behind Unleash Future Boats, develop autonomous and environmentally friendly ships. They have an electric propulsion with fuel cells and green hydrogen. This means that they are completely zero emission - for the air, the water and in terms of noise pollution. The individual mobility for every day is shifted from the street on the water, intermodal and connected.

Electric passenger ferries will be built as first step, which will have the first usage on the Schlei. The barrier-free ‘Schleiboats’ can transport 12 passengers as well as bicycles, wheelchairs and strollers. In the future, they will be available ‘on demand’ and autonomously. Passengers can call them like a taxi using an app.

Unleash Future Boats moved in their new shipyard - the old liquor factory. They are currently building the new prototype ZeroOne. Fully equipped with electrical propulsion and sensor system for autonomous test drives. ZeroOne will be launched in spring 2021.