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recycled wetsuit fitness mats

We recycle old, unusable wetsuits into fitness mats that are 100% recyclable again at the end of their "life".
Once the wetsuit is broken, the water sports enthusiast usually can't use it anymore, because it can rarely be repaired in the long term. By collecting unusable wetsuits from individuals, water sports stores and -schools, and large-scale producers, we give the the wetsuit a second life and save it from the landfill - and the environment from it!

The mat consists of 98% neoprene. And once it's worn out, we recycle it into a new mat. So we don't waste any resources and no waste ends up in our environment. Therefore we want to reduce the increasing waste of resources as well as the pollution of the environment.

We produce in Germany to ensure fair working conditions and short transport distances. We also want to do more for disadvantaged groups in society. Therefore we plan to cooperate with workshops for disabled people.