The sustainable and regional yoghurt alternative!

More and more people are eating vegan and are choosing plant-based alternatives. However, those interested in sustainability are always facing the same dilemma: Plant-based yoghurt alternatives are only available in plastic packaging, while sustainable packaging like reusable glasses can only be found for regular dairy yoghurt.

We want to solve this problem and have, therefore, developed Haferkram: A tasty yoghurt alternative made from oats, with regional ingredients, no artificial flavours and with a lot of love – and all of that without any unnecessary plastic!

With Haferkram, you don’t have to decide between eating plant-based and living sustainably anymore! And our oats from Northern Germany are not just a real superfood. They are also more sustainable than soya, coconut or almonds, both regarding their cultivation and short transport routes.

Don’t choose between vegan and plastic-free - choose Haferkram!