EchoScout is innovating the current process of surgical fracture reconstruction with real-time, AI-assisted, X-ray-free image navigation.

Globally, 1% of all people suffer bone fractures each year, making them one of the most common reasons for hospitalizations overall. Safe, fast, high-quality care is a top priority for injured patients. Lack of expert knowledge and outdated technical equipment increase the risk of poor quality outcomes for patients and physicians.

By leveraging low-cost point-of-care ultrasound imaging equipment, volumetric bone models, and the use of AI algorithms, EchoScout are increasing the quality of care through image-guided surgery based on expert knowledge.

This is done in real time with a significant reduction of radiation exposure for patients and treating staff. Direct availability enables doctors to start treating fractures immediately, regardless of expert knowledge and technical equipment. They are guided step by step − similar to a navigation system − to achieve an optimal surgical result.

Our solution contributes to the global improvement of healthcare and supports the SDGs of the United Nations.