My ActiveLab

My ActiveLab's vision is to provide data-driven and personalized recommendations to improve people's health,wellbeing,and performance.To realize this vision, My ActiveLab begins with blood analyses on a regular basis to detect deficiencies in nutrient intakeandto optimize the supply of relevant vitamins and micro-nutrients.Especially for performance-oriented athletes, the topic of optimal nutrient supply is immensely important, which is why My ActiveLab's service is aimed first and foremost at ambitious athletes who want to fully exploit their potential.

Doing so, My ActiveLab offers blood testswhich can be done at homeon a subscription basis. The testkitis sent by mail every 3 months to the customers doorstepand can be easily performed with the push of a button.The blood sample is then mailed to ActiveLab’spartner Lab where it gets analyzed.The test results are thenpresented online in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner. Based on the results ActiveLab also provides personalizedand professionalnutrition and lifestyle recommendations aimed at improving blood levels to enhance athletes' well-being and performance.