GATEWAY49 Logo Together with you and our partners, we aim to promote innovative ideas and establish a strong start-up ecosystem in the north. That is why we, as Technology Center Lübeck (TZL), have launched the startup accelerator GATEWAY49 in cooperation with the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Glocal Consult. The focus of the GATEWAY49 accelerator is on the targeted support of so-called early stage startups that pursue business models in the fields of life science, food, smart city, logistics or new digital technologies. Our goal is to support outstanding entrepreneurs - like you - in putting their ideas into practice and building successful companies together!




From 64 submitted proposals, our expert jury selected 15 winning teams on February 17. Of these, 10 teams will participate in the Early Stage program and 5 teams in the Later Stage program.

Early Stage



BalticMaterials is developing an insulation material made from native seaweed as a sustainable and circular alternative to conventional insulation materials.



Boomerang aims to turn online retail around and save packaging waste with recyclable reusable shipping bags combined with a deposit system.

Coher Sense

Coher Sense

Coher Sense is developing a new optical sensor for the fields of building structure monitoring, renewable energies (especially wind energy) and laser technology.



EchoScout develops ultrasound imaging software for musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnoses and interventions.



Grannycall makes video telephony possible with the TV and just the push of a button − ideal for seniors.



nomi develops and distributes sustainable, vegan food products. The first product is an oat milk powder as an alternative to plant milk in beverage cartons.



PflegeNebenan creates an app/platform that enables direct networking of caregivers and patients by matching location, time, qualifications and needs.



Sustomer facilitates sustainable shopping by providing customers with detailed and descriptive food information through an app and website.



Symvopath ensures that every patient at every location receives a correct diagnosis from proven experts − without time delay for the best possible therapy.



tooltip revolutionizes the search and procurement of tools in companies.


Later Stage



EnergieDock brings electricity consumers and grid operators together with an innovative platform to use more renewable electricity and solve bottlenecks in the power grid.



eSiprint enables hearing care businesses to step into the digital age with the help of a digital platform and a 3D printing process for elastic silicone.



KONVOI offers a mobile security solution for parked trucks that completely prevents cargo theft and damage to the vehicle.

PolySole / Osentec

PolySole / Osentec

PolySole is the intelligent shoe insole with associated app for diabetic technologies, for the prevention of wounds and amputations.



screenable connects people and brands by using public screens as interactive playgrounds.


Together we grow your startup

  • Support


    Together with our partners, we offer you not only an extensive infrastructure for the development of innovative products, but also a differentiated workshop and training program.

  • Netzwerk


    We work with innovative institutes, well-known companies and all North German clusters to give your idea quick access to potential customers.

  • Kapital


    Our startups receive up to 30,000 euro per team per year. You do not have to give up any equity, it remains remain 100% with you, the entrepreneur. We also support our teams in securing follow-up financing.

We open doors and support your idea!

We support entrepreneurs especially in the early stage of their startup. The ideal time to participate in the GATEWAY49 program is therefore, when you have an initial concept or a prototype in mind. Together with our network partners, mentors and coaches, we will bring you and your team in nine months as close to market maturity as possible and prepare you for the next round of financing. We do this with a lot of passion and experience.

Unlike many other accelerators, startups participating in the GATEWAY49 program do not have to give up any equity. This will keep you completely independent! We are at your side with financial support so that you can focus 100% on your startup. In addition, we offer an extensive and practical workshop and training program, which gives you the necessary tools and methodological knowledge to start and grow your business.

Our focus topics

In order to provide you with the best possible know-how and experience and to give you really quick access to potential customers, we focus on the key economic sectors - food, life science, smart city and logistics - where we see the greatest potential for your idea. In addition to these focus areas, we are open to many other ideas, e.g. from the areas of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, internet of things, big data or robotics.

Cluster Overview

Our support

1. Funding

Each team receives up to 30,000 euro in financial support during the 9-month program period. And the best thing: At GATEWAY49 you keep 100% of the equity. We do not take any equity so as to give you the greatest possible freedom. Participation in the program is of course free of charge for all participants.

2. Know-how

The selected teams go through a 9-month structured workshop and training program. The majority of our mentors and coaches that support you intensively during that time are experienced founders themselves or managers of large corporations.

3. Infrastructure

Your team will have access to an attractive office space with modern office infrastructure on the Campus Lübeck. You will have 24/7 access to your desk, super-fast internet and - of course - a coffee flat for long nights.

4. Network

We offer access to our large pool of companies and clusters to gain first pilot customers. We work closely with industry leaders in various areas, including Dräger AG, VisiConsult, Spedition Bode, Mach AG and Stadtwerke Holding Lübeck.

5. Employee- and team development

Our program includes much more than simple financial and legal advice. We support you in all questions related to the topic of entrepreneurship and help you find new team members in our flirt camps.

6. Prototyping

The GATEWAY49 program gives teams access to great prototyping opportunities. For example, you can benefit from e. g. support in the areas of 3d printing, laser cutting, milling or circuit board production by dedicated makers and a supportive FabLab community.


  • Why should I apply to GATEWAY49?
  • At GATEWAY49, you can expect a structured 9-month workshop- and training program with the goal of getting your start-up as close to market maturity as possible. So, if you are thinking about starting a business or advancing your start-up, this is the right place for you. Our coaches and mentors include well-known companies who will support you in this process. Our teams receive up to € 30,000 in financial support and best of all: they don't have to give up equity.
  • Who can apply?
  • Anyone with an innovative idea can apply - from solo entrepreneurs to early-stage start-ups and talents. However, you should consider a few criteria: First, your idea should not be older than three years. Have you already founded a corporation? Then it should not be older than one year.
    Furthermore, you shouldn’t have participated in any other accelerator program.
  • We do not live in Lübeck. Can we still apply?
  • With our accelerator program, we want to promote the regional economy in Lübeck and Schleswig-Holstein. Convince us why you would like to settle here with your business idea and plausibly explain your connection to Lübeck!
  • We have already received funding and / or are not an early startup. Can we still apply?
  • Yes. Your seed investors will probably also like it, if you participate in the GATEWAY49 program because you will receive great support from the mentoring network and individual coaching for your business idea. However, a prerequisite is that your investors have not invested more than € 100,000. Participation in other funding programs such as start-up grants and EXIST programs is possible by prior arrangement. Since the financial support to you is a so-called de-minimis aid, you may have already been granted a maximum of 170,000 euros of such de minimis aid in the current and the last two calendar years.
  • I have an idea but no team - can I still apply?
  • Yes, in our so-called "flirt camps" we match entrepreneurs with teams.
  • I have a talent but no idea - can I still apply?
  • Yes, even if you don't have an idea but you want to work for a start-up and have outstanding knowledge, such as marketing or accounting expertise, you can still apply as a talent and we will try to match you.
  • What kind of support do startups receive?
  • In order for you to fully focus on your start-up, participating teams will not only receive systematic coaching and mentoring by our accelerator partners, but also up to € 30,000 financial support per team, WITHOUT giving up equity, as well as access to the accelerator’s start-up HUB at the Technology Center Lübeck (Technikzentrum Lübeck, MFC-VIII). In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in a structured workshop- and training program as well as pitch sessions on various topics such as business-, product- and team development. For prototyping, our start-ups will have access to our high-tech FabLab at the site as well as to our TZL Academy that supports our teams in all questions related to 3d printing. Together with our partners, we offer start-ups access to valuable contacts to university institutes, companies, focus industries, other start-ups and potential customers as well as a comprehensive infrastructure for the development of innovative products and services.
  • How does the program work?
  • You can find more information on the program schedule in our timeline.
  • Where does the program take place?
  • The program takes place in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein. You do not have to live in Lübeck, but presence at the events, workshops and pitches is mandatory.
  • Do I have to give up equity?
  • No, unlike most other accelerators, you don't have to give up equity in your start-up. That way you remain completely independent.
  • What are a flirt camp and a boot camp?
  • Both the flirt camp and the boot camp are unique events to get you fit for an application to us. At our flirt camps, you can meet start-ups, find team members and get to know mentors and coaches. In our boot camps, we support you and your team in getting your idea fit for the application process at GATEWAY49. We also answer any questions you might have concerning our program and application process.
  • Is participation in the flirt camp and the boot camp mandatory?
  • No. However, the flirt camp is a great way to get to know mentors, coaches and possible team members. At the boot camp, the teams are coached intensively for writing their proposal. However, you can also apply directly to us with your proposal.
  • How does the application process work?
  • In general, the application process consists of two phases: proposal and pitch. After we have received your proposal, we will check it and make a pre-selection. The best teams will then be invited to a pitch day and on the same day, the decision will be made as to which teams will be able to take part in the program.
  • How do I apply?
  • Application is only possible via our application form on

    1. Register on our website
    2. You will receive an email with a link to the proposal form, which you must fill out and return to us by the respective application deadline.

    Please note that we can only consider complete applications. Registration alone is not sufficient!
  • When does the new application phase start?
  • The next round of applications is open until 15.01.2023.
  • I have further questions. Whom can I contact?
  • Feel free to send us an email or just give us a call. 😉
March 2020

GATEWAY49 begins

With the Flirtcamp for Batch I in March 2020, the GATEWAY49 Accelerator starts with its first big event. In our FlirtCamps you can meet StartUp teams, find team members and get to know mentors and coaches.

Review of the first Flirtcamp (GER)

July 2020

Virtual tour

The digital launch of the Accelerator presented the team with major challenges. Nevertheless, a guided tour through the premises of the Accelerator could be experienced!

With Marcel through the Hub (GER)

October 2020

Food Pitch

In October 2020, a guided tour of Brüggen's production took place, giving young startups a deeper insight into the company's operations and processes.

January 2021

Batch 1

On January 13, 2021, the first six startups successfully completed the program. Reason enough for Schleswig-Holstein's Minister President Daniel Günther to give the startups a ceremonial send-off.

Batch 1 award (GER)

April 2021

Batch 2

The startups from the second round of the GATEWAY49 accelerator received their awards at an online event on April 30, 2021. Dr. Bernd Buchholz, Minister of Economic Affairs, and Thomas Glöckner, Head of Innovation Management at Dräger, were present.

Batch 2 award (GER)

September 2021

Learning Journey

The GATEWAY49 teams start their Learning Journey in Berlin. In the representation of the state of Schleswig-Holstein they pitch in front of investors, in the Factorys Berlin they meet other startups.

March 2022


For the first time, 15 teams started the Accelerator program at the same time: 10 early-stage teams and 5 advanced teams. As a welcome, the teams received an onboarding bag with the WORKBOOK 2022 and welcome gifts from our supporters when they visited GATEWAY49.

Supporters and network partners

Batch 5 Supporter Logos

The GATEWAY49 team

  • Max Manten - IT Project Assistant
  • Barbara Eichhammer - PR & Social Media Managerin
  • Nils Eckardt - Community Manager
  • Frank Schröder-Oeynhausen - Geschäftsführer & Co-Founder
  • Stefan Stengel - Programm Manager & Co-Founder
  • Niclas Apitz - Project Manager
  • Kirsten Seger - Administration & Controlling

The GATEWAY49 Mentoring program

Mentors from different disciplines support your startup with their expertise



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Information on the "Landesprogramm Wirtschaft"

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